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Housing Options

During the summer prior to their arrival, first-year students are assigned a roommate based on a lifestyle questionnaire on an electronic housing form available in Self Service after admission acceptance. First-year students may also request on their housing form a specific roommate if they know someone else coming to Hood with whom they would like to live.

Some athletic coaches pair teammates together as roommates and communicate with residence life staff to request these housing assignments; if the first-year student-athletes in these sports have other roommate preferences, they must communicate this with their coach before mid-June. All returning students select their rooms and roommates in April of each year.

Hood College is committed to working with students needing housing accommodations based on any of the following: 

  • medical, psychological and temporary disability factors
  • religion, culture or ethnicity
  • gender

Students may request a housing accommodation by submitting a request form. Transgender students are invited to contact the assistant director of operations and facilities management so specific needs are met to ensure a comfortable living environment.

Students have an active role in the shared governance of the housing system and residents elect representatives to the Student Government Association, as well as their individual House Councils. Students decide when their quiet hours will be (within certain minimum guidelines). In addition, the governing bodies of the halls work with staff to provide educational and social activities for their residents. Several housing options are available to Hood students, including five traditional residence halls, one suite style residence hall, and language houses. 

Residence Halls

  • Memorial Hall (new first-year housing)
  • Smith Hall (new first-year housing)
  • Coblentz Hall (upperclass and transfer student housing)
  • Meyran Hall (upperclass student housing and for 2020-2021, first-year housing on the first and basement floors)
  • Shriner Hall (upperclass student housing)
  • New residence hall (upperclass student housing) 

Honors Program Housing

Nine students from the honors program will live in a designated area (first floor) of the new residence hall.

Leased 7th Street Duplexes (upperclass student housing)

  • French house
  • Spanish house
  • German house

Animal Allergy-Reduced Floors

The following are considered animal allergy-reduced floors:

  • Coblentz third floor
  • Meyran third floor
  • Shriner second floor

The floors in Memorial and Smith Halls will be designated when making assignments in late July. Animal allergy-reduced means if students are approved to have an emotional support animal, effort will be made to have assignments on other floors so residents on these floors are not impacted as much.

Other Information

  • A limited number of singles are available to seniors and some juniors on a space-available basis. 
  • First-year students and sophomores are required to have roommates; exceptions may be made for older students and students with approved housing accommodations. 
  • All traditional residence halls have four computers - three PCs and one Mac - available for student use. The New Residence Hall has one PC per floor for students to use. There are many other computer labs on campus, as well. 
  • All residence halls have snack and soda machines. 
  • All residence hall rooms are wired for the Internet (wired and wireless access available). Local and campus calls can be made from hallway phones at no charge; students must pay for long distance calls using a calling card.
  • All residence halls have a large, flat-screen high definition television in the common lounge area, with cable television for groups to watch shows or movies.
  • All housing areas have on-site laundry machines that are provided at no added cost to the student.  
  • Fees are available at
  • Carpeting in most rooms 
  • Dining hall on first floor 
  • Built-in dressers in fourth floor rooms 
  • Lounges on each floor 
  • Mixed sex for floors 2 and 3; 4th floor is all-female 
  • Window air-conditioners provided April-October 
  • 123 students in double and single rooms 
  • A typical double room measures approximately 11' x 16' 
  • All rooms have extra-long twin beds.
  • Central air-conditioning in all rooms 
  • Living/common areas on ground floor 
  • Assigned by gender by floor 
  • 136 students in single, double, and quad (four person) rooms 
  • A typical double room measures approximately 11' 6" x 12'
  • All rooms have extra-long twin beds.
  • Carpeting in all rooms 
  • Built-in dressers in fourth floor rooms 
  • Living/common areas on ground and first floors 
  • Central air-conditioning  
  • 146 students in single, double, triple and quad(four person) rooms 
  • A typical double room measures approximately 11' x 16'
  • All rooms have extra-long twin beds.
  • 111 students in single, double and triple rooms:
    • One suite for four students (two doubles and one common area) 
    • One Suite for two students (two singles and one common area) 
  • Common areas on first floor and basement 
  • Central air-conditioning in all rooms 
  • A typical double room measures approximately 11' x 16'
  • A typical triple room measures approximately 18' x 18'; most first-year students in Shriner are assigned to triple rooms. 
  • All rooms have extra-long twin beds.
  • Common areas on ground floor 
  • Computer room on ground floor 
  • All rooms contain extra-long beds and mattresses
  • Air-conditioner window units in each room
  • Assigned by gender by floor 
  • 134 students in single, double and quad (four-person) rooms 
  • A typical double room measures approximately 11' 6" x 12' 6"
  • Two campus-adjacent duplexes (four individual units) leased by the College, used as language houses and for the Honors Program
  • Housing continuing upperclass students only (not new students)
  • Living area used to hold language classes 
  • Large living/dining and kitchen areas on first floors. 
  • All gender by room (each room is single gender), unless roommates agree
  • Each unit has one single, one double and one triple
  • Live-in language assistant who is a native speaker of the appropriate language (German, French or Spanish)
  • Students interested in this living-option must apply