New Hall Exterior

Blazer Hall

Blazer RA's


Head RA: Remy '24
Poolesville, Maryland
Major: Early Childhood Education

If you could sit next to anyone on a plane...
Danny DeVito

Weirdest roommate story?
My freshman year roommate used to put sticky notes on me while I slept and sign them "XOXO Gossip Girl."


Ian '25
Blantyre, Malawi
Major: Economics, Finance (double major)

Any superstitions?
Don't whistle at night; you could attract spirits

Favorite TV Show?


Jordan '24
Westminster, Maryland
Major: Social Work

Any superstitions?
Splitting the poles

Favorite place on campus?
The Quad


Rosie '24
Frederick, Maryland
Major: Business

FavoriteTV Show?

If you could sit next to anyone on a plane...
My sister

  • Room Styles: single semi-suites, double semi-suites, quad semi-suites, quad full suites
  • Central air conditioner units
  • Closet, dresser, desk, and bed
  • Large lounges and study rooms with computer and printer on every floor
  • Free smart laundry service (use an app to check status of machines)

Five three-person (singles) semi-suites 3person

19 two-person (one double) semi-suites; the left side shows a resident assistant room with one set of furniture. There will be an RA on floors two through five. Most 2-person semi-suite configurations will not be neighboring an RA room.


20 four-person (two doubles) semi-suites


16 four-person (two doubles) suites


  • Residents (upperclassmen only) = 201
  • Staff = 4
  • Floors = 5
  • Located on the north side of campus between Memorial Hall and the Chapel