Shriner Hall

Shriner RA's

Kay Kay

Head RA: KayKay '24
Pocomoke City, Maryland
Major: Elementary Special Education

Weirdest roommate story?
Getting dressed up to walk to McDonald's at 2am

Favorite place on campus?
Tatem Arts Center


Jada '25
Washington, DC
Major: Nursing

Any superstitions?
Don't split the pole!

Favorite TV Show?
Vampire Diaries


Jiovani '25
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Major: Computer Science

Weirdest roommate story?
I came out of the shower and was changing in the corner and my roommate 360's to watch and have a conversation

Favorite Movie?
Hunger Games series


Maddy '25
Baltimore, Maryland
Major: Psychology

Weirdest roommate story?
There was a toothbrush in our room and we each thought it belonged to the other. When we moved out, we realized it was neither of ours. No idea where it came from.

Favorite TV Show?
Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul

Shriner Hall room
  • Room Size: 11x16
  • Centralized air-conditioning
  • Closet, dresser, desk, and bed
  • Two common area lounges offering TV, kitchen, couches, computer lab, and outdoor lounging
  • Free smart laundry services (use an app to check status of machines)
  • Residents = 113
  • Staff = 4
  • Floors = 5
  • Shriner Hall Floor Plan
  • Located on north side of campus between mail room and Hodson Science Building