COVID-19 (2022-23)

Please know that our plans are subject to change in the best interest of our community‚Äôs health and safety. We have back-up plans in place if any part of our current plan needs to be altered.

Community Responsibility

Community members are responsible for their own health and the health of others around them. Due to the responsibility of campus community members to get vaccinated and to receive boosters, to wear masks when necessary, to test following exposure or when symptoms are present, and to provide a timeline and accurate contact tracing, the College has been able to have low rates of transmission on campus.


All community members are strongly encouraged to be up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations, including booster doses when eligible.


Following CDC guidance, individuals who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 should make arrangements to be tested 5 days after the exposure and wear a mask for 10 days. Individuals who develop symptoms after an exposure should be tested as soon as possible. Students who are symptomatic can be seen by a medical provider and tested at Hood Health Services located in the Toll House Urgent Care building.  Employees who are symptomatic should be seen by their medical provider. 


There are no universal mask requirements at this time. However, individuals should keep a mask on them in case they are asked to wear one. Following CDC guidance, individuals who have been exposed to someone with COVID should wear a well-fitted mask for 10 days. Individuals who have tested positive and have completed their 5-day isolation, should wear a mask when around others for an additional 5 days (until day 11). If you need an N95 or KN95 mask, you can pick one up from room 4 in the Apple Resource building.

Have you tested positive for COVID-19?

Contact, provide the following information and isolate in place while you wait for further instructions. 

  • What day did you test positive? Provide a photo or copy of the test result, if available.  
  • What symptoms are present, if any? 
  • If symptoms are present, what day did they begin? 

If you are a student, you are responsible for also contacting your faculty regarding your absences during the isolation period. You should work proactively to determine a plan to make up any class time and work.

If you are an employee, you are responsible for contacting your supervisor regarding your absences during your isolation period. You should use sick leave if you are unable to work due to illness. 


All community members are required to isolate off-campus for 5 days of isolation following a positive COVID-19 test result. If a residential student cannot travel home, they must isolate in place in their residence halls. 

Have you been exposed to someone with COVID-19?

Contact to learn next steps:

  • If you are vaccinated and asymptomatic, you can continue to attend classes, but must wear a well-fitted mask (N95 or KN95) for 10 days. If you remain asymptomatic you should be tested 5 days after the last exposure. Students are responsible for getting themselves tested via a PCR or rapid test. Masks are provided to community members in Apple Resource Building, room 4.
  • If you have or develop symptoms of COVID, you should go to a medical provider immediately to be tested and should quarantine in place until you get the results. Students who are ill can be seen and tested at the Hood College Health Center, located in the Toll House Urgent Care building at 501 W7th St. 


Questions or concerns can be directed by email to the director of wellness at