Employee Expectations

All employees must strictly follow the COVID-19 policies and guidelines. If an employee is found in violation of these policies, they must take immediate corrective action. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action per the Staff Manual or Faculty Code. For concerns or additional support, contact human resources.

ADA Work Accommodations

If an employee submits a request for accommodation under the ADA, a representative from the Hood College HR department will engage in an interactive process with the employee.

To be eligible to receive workplace reasonable accommodations under the federal ADA, an individual must have an “actual” or a “record of” a disability, as defined by the ADA Amendments Act. There must be some connection between the impairment and specific need for accommodation. In response to receiving a request for an accommodation under the ADA, an employer has the right to ask the employee to obtain sufficient disability-related information to establish the right to receive an accommodation, when the impairment and/or need for accommodations is not known or obvious.