Student Expectations

As always, it is presumed that students will take responsibility for their behavior and hold their peers accountable for being good citizens.


All students, prior to arrival on campus, must be fully vaccinated or be approved for an exemption. This includes all undergraduate and graduate students, commuters and residential students. Graduate students who are enrolled in fully online/remote programs do not need to be vaccinated if they will not be coming to campus. If, however, online graduate students plan to attend on-campus events or require in-person services from an on-campus office (e.g., registrar, graduate school, student success center, etc.) then they must be vaccinated (or have an approved medical or religious exemption).

General Policies

  • Students will only be required to wear a mask when the College deems mask use necessary. Students should carry a mask with them at all times.
  • If a student is required to isolate or quarantine and does not adhere to the Q/I guidelinesthe student is subject to immediate removal from class/es or removal from campus housing and may be suspended or dismissed from the College.
  • Anyone who removes cleaning/sanitation supplies, wipes, etc. without permission will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Students and their guests are asked to help keep the campus clean. Students are encouraged to wipe surfaces after coming in contact with them using provided sanitizing wipes.


The current Code of Conduct of the Student Handbook will apply. Complaints or suspected violations of the policies described herein should be submitted utilizing the COVID-19 Policy Violation Report. 

The COVID-19 Sanction Guide will be utilized to determine sanctions for a student who is found responsible for a COVID-19 violation. 

COVID Sanction chart