Excellence in Service to Hood College Award

The 2022 recipients of the Excellence in Service Award are Lucia Grabenstein Kline '72 and Chrisse Butler Hassett '72.

Both Chrisse and Lucia have served as 1972 reunion class chairs for over twenty-five years. In a class news article from 1977, Lucia mentions planning both her wedding and the 1972 Five-Year reunion simultaneously. They have remained steadfast in their dedication to promoting and serving Hood, giving generously of their Time, Talent and Treasure year after year. Both have balanced careers, raised families, been involved in their communities, while keeping Hood and their classmates at the forefront of their efforts and endeavors.

Lucia and Chrisse have served as Class Agents, Reunion Chairs, Phone-A-Thon Volunteers, and 1972 representatives at President Chapdelaine’s inauguration. They have been constant in their giving, both claiming membership in the President’s Club, Wisteria Circle, and Century Society. Through the years, both have hosted Hood Alumni gatherings at their homes.

To speak of Lucia and Chrisse as “them” does seem to be simplistic, but as life-long friends, and exemplary Hood advocates and ambassadors, it would be a disservice to both to nominate one and not the other for this award. Their service to Hood is truly excellent.

2022Lucia Grabenstein Kline '72 and Chrisse Butler Hassett '72
2021Virginia Turnbull Hecklinger '56, P'81, G'08
2020Maryann Whitehead Scherzo, 1960 and Karin Ninesling Infuso, 1970
2019Magaly Mauras Green ’74, M.A.’79 and The Class of 1969 Board of Trustee Members: Cheryl Brown Dreiling ’69, H’13, Joan Esselen Foot ’69, Gail L. Gamble ’69, H’93, M.D., Carol Crofoot Hayes ’69, Esq., Deborah Jones Lash ’69, Esq.
2018Charlotte Sizoo Whitenight '68
2017Virginia Price Bracken ’67
2016Kurt Holter ’76 and Judith E. Messina ’66
2015Eva Sayegh Teig Hardy '65 and Audrey Heyman Rooney '60
2013Gretchen Howe Russo '63 and Philip W. Bowers '83
2012Barbara Cummings Stacks '67 and Barbara Thomas Yinger '57
2011Janet Spaulding Nunn '61
2010Jean Righter Bolle '50 and Margaret "Peg" Lewis Christensen '52
2008Louise Renninger Rittenhouse '48
2007Erma Stull Grove '44 
2006Susan Peters Wirths '56 
2005Lavenia Hargett Marsh '36
2004Tibetha Owen '90
2003Beulah Munshower Sommer '44
2002Joanne Kates Roos '52
2001Helene Schmauch Schaeffer '37
2000Mildred K. Binder '40
1999Rosel Hoffberger Schewel '49
1998Frances A. Delaplaine Randall '45
1997Alice Elizabeth McCain McAlpine '51
1996Elisabeth Farber Neubauer '45
1995Ruth Brenneman Frantz '30
1994Mary Rockwell Hovet '38
1993A. Louise Funk Beachley '28
1992Natalie Colbert Bowers '52
1991Audrey Eyler Bauman '43
1990Penny Probert Boorman '55
1989Ann Weisburger Lebherz '47
1988Christine Plankenhorn Tischer '65
1987Julia Etchison Hanna '19 and Elizabeth Lewis Peters '19
1986Dorothy Ann Moore Stamm '31
1985Claire Reese Egolf '28
1984Edith Howard Hogan '59
1983Barbara Campbell Rickman '63, M.A. '75
1982Hildegarde Pilgram '31
1981Eleanor Wilson Maurer '30
1980Ruth Carty Delaplaine '13
1979Frances Good Bowers '27
1978Lois Smith Harrison '45
1977Fannie Magee Miller '27
1976Antoinette Tatem Driscoll '26
1975M. Eleanor MacMillan Nelson '32
1974Emily Apple Payne '24
1973Sarah Leiter Remsberg '37
1972Elizabeth A. Geiser '47
1971Ruth Yost Snyder '36
1970Catherine Baldwin Hoffman '37
1969Sonya Solosko Baum '59
1968Mary Grace Helfenstein '22
1967Elizabeth Helper Taylor '32