The Blue & Grey Club

The Blue & Grey Club provides vital resources for our athletic program, offsetting costs and allowing the department to focus on areas of most immediate need.

Becoming a member of The Blue & Grey Club allows you to directly impact the experience that our student athletes have while at Hood. Over the last year, we have helped to provide vital resources for our athletic program. These resources have made it possible for our program of 23 intercollegiate sports and one club sport to continue practicing while ensuring the health and safety of our community.

The Blue & Grey Club proudly supports:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball, men's and women's
  • Cross Country, men's and women's
  • Equestrian (club sport)
  • Esports
  • Field Hockey
  • Golf, men's and women's
  • Lacrosse, men's and women's
  • Soccer, men's and women's
  • Softball
  • Swimming, men's and women's
  • Tennis, men's and women's
  • Indoor Track and Field, men's and women's
  • Outdoor Track and Field, men's and women's
  • Volleyball, men's and women's

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Kayla Knott Youngblood '17
Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Champions' Circle ($2,000 and above)
Angela and Bruce Almquist P'24

Coaches' Club ($500 - $1,999)
Carla M. Merritt '86
Jean Munshour '88
Kathryn Zimmerman Nicodemus H'05 and Charles A. Nicodemus H'05

Team Captain ($100 - $499)
Joy Miller Beveridge '82 and Donald R. Beveridge
Johnny Lopez Mendoza
Chris Rodriguez

Blazers Fan (under $100)
Julie C. and Jeff A. Antonelli P'25
Tamara Maggard Brzozowski '07
Cynthia A. and Kenneth R. Chamberlin P'25
Jolanda R. and Lee-Maxim L. Chance P'25
Susan M. Ensel
Karen M. and Kevin L. Ernest P'25
Celine J. Gonzalez-Thirkettle P'25
Leigh and Allen Haines P'25
Edith A. and Andrew J. Kassa P'25
Ellen-Marie Samsen Knehans '84, P'18
Mary and Michael Middleton P'25
Theresa and Steve Picone P'25
Melanie Jo Amos Sasse '86, B.A.'91, P'25 and Christopher M. Sasse P'25
Adria and Tom Schaefer P'22
Richard Schwarzman P'24
Kenya N. and Reginald R. Todd P'25
Kayla Knott Youngblood '17

Updated 9/8/2021