Grow The Hood Fund

$8 Million Goal -- Unrestricted Annual Support

When you give to the Hood Fund, your gift will grow into something greater. You gift will be invested and support Hood students for generations to come.

The Hood Fund touches each and every member of the College community. This fund, created from annual giving revenue, provides unrestricted dollars that allow the College to address our areas of greatest need. A gift to The Hood Fund is a powerful vote of confidence in our treasured institution. In our constantly evolving and ever-changing world, The hood Fund advances all aspects of the College's mission.

Your gift fuels discovery and powers big ideas. It accelerates innovation and integration in the humanities, sciences and arts. In short, a gift to The Hood Fund allows the College to make choices, not compromises.

What The Hood Fund Supports

  • Unrestricted Scholarships and Financial Aid
    Every full-time undergraduate student receives approximately $1,500 of "silent scholarship" annually, defraying the costs of attending Hood.
  • Academic Support
    The Hood Fund supports outstanding faculty, classroom equipment, library resources, furnishings, academic research, study-abroad opportunities and extra-curricular programming. Without The Hood Fund, educational quality would be compromised.
  • Athletics
    More than one-third of Hood College students are involved in intercollegiate athletics The Blue & Grey Club provides resources to Hood's athletic program, ensuring that our student-athletes have exceptional facilities and equipment to keep them safe and competitive.

Join Us

During Forging the Future: The Campaign for Hood College, we seek $8 million in philanthropic support to grow unrestricted annual giving. We invite you to support the College's most immediate needs and annual priorities. Through annual giving to The Hood Fund, everyone can be a philanthropist. You have the power to build on shared experiences as each generation preserves the legacy of opportunity it received, strengthens it and passes it on.

Give Now and Help Hood Forge the Future