Types of Transfers

You can transfer publicly traded stock to Hood College in two ways: 

  •  Broker Transfer 

First, notify your broker that you wish to transfer shares to Hood College. Most brokers will require that your request be in writing and be signed by all parties whose names are on the account. Your broker will then need delivery instructions to complete an electronic transfer of your stock to Hood College. 

Please have your broker contact Sean Murphy at RBC Wealth Management (800-950-6488) with the name of the security and the number of units you wish to donate.

DTC Eligible Securities:
RBC Wealth Management
60 South 6th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402
DTC Participant #: 0235
Hood College Account #: 35058677
For further credit: Hood College

Note: Delivery instructions may vary with mutual funds and other non-DTC eligible securities (GNMA Securities, Treasuries, Foreign Securities and Fed Wire Funds). Please coordinate this type of transfer with the Office of Institutional Advancement by calling (800) 707-5280, option 7.

  • Mailing or Hand Delivering Stock Certificates 

Mail or hand deliver your unsigned stock certificate(s) to the Office of Institutional Advancement accompanied by a letter of intention, signed by all registered stock holders, and a signed stock power, signed by all registered stock holders. A stock power can be obtained from any brokerage firm. Signature guarantees on the letter or the stock power are not necessary. To ensure safe delivery, we recommend that you send your stock certificates by either priority mail or registered return receipt mail. You may also wish to send your signed stock power in a separate envelope. Please email, phone or fax the Office of Institutional Advancement so we can watch for the safe arrival of your certificate(s). 

Please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 800-707-5280, option 7, if you would like us to prepare your letter of intention. We also would be glad to mail you a stock power. 

 Sample Letter of Intention:  


 Dear Hood College, 

 Enclosed are 100 shares of XYZ Corporation, Certificate # 1235. I wish to transfer these shares to Hood College as a donation to ___________________. 

Date of Transfer 

The date of transfer is, by legal definition, the date on which you relinquished control of the stock. That means in the case of stock transferred via brokerage accounts, the day on which the transfer into a Hood College account occurred, not the day you instructed your broker to make the transfer and not the day on which the stock was sold. 

In the case of stock transferred via certificate and stock power, the date of transfer is the postmark date of the stock power. 

Value of the Gift 

The value of the gift for tax purposes is the mean value on the official date of transfer. The mean value is obtained by averaging the high and low for the stock on the official date of transfer. In the case of stock or other securities that do not fluctuate in value but in which there is a difference between the bid and ask price, the official value is the average between the bid and ask on the date of transfer. Your official value for tax purposes may be different from the proceeds realized by Hood College from the sale of the securities. 


We will acknowledge your gift in writing as soon as we receive notice that the stock has been transferred into the Hood College account or as soon as we have received a signed stock certificate and stock power. Our letter will include the official value of your gift and may be used to receive proper credit when you file your tax returns.