Scholarship Day

April 10-11 is Hood's Scholarship Day!

During this exciting 36 hours, 341 donors participated with $165,567 to ensure opportunities for every Hood student through unrestricted scholarships and financial aid. Their academic studies are enhanced through the generosity of hundreds of individuals to the College’s Hood Fund.

*Scholarship Day begins at midnight on April 10 and will conclude at noon on April 11. 

Battle of the Decade Challenge: the decade with the most participants gets all the bragging rights!

Join 26 challengers from all decades (1950s to 2020s) and beyond with their leading participation of $88,820 to reach a goal of 200 donors when you make a gift in support of Scholarship Day. 

Gifts of all Sizes Make a Difference.

See the full impact of unrestricted scholarship and financial aid:

FINAL results:

1970s Winner
1960s 2nd place
1980s 3rd place
20s third place

Click the Decades below to see final counts for each!

Special thanks to Mary Atwell in the Hood Archives for the photographic blasts from the past; see each decade below!

FINAL COUNT: 12 alumnae
Janet Hobbs Cotton ’59 challenges at least 5 alumnae to participate from the 1950s.


FINAL COUNT: 41 alumnae
Marylou Herrmann Foley ’64 and Cheryl Brown Dreiling ’69 challenge at least 10 alumnae to participate from the 1960s.

FINAL COUNT: 82 alumni

The Class of 1974 50th Reunion Chairs: Alice H. Dekker '74, M.A. '83, Ann Williams DeMers '74, Magaly Mauras Green '74, M.A.'79, Rev. Deborah F. Kohler '74, and Susan L. Whaley '74 challenge at least 30 alumni to participate from the 1970s. 


FINAL COUNT: 38 alumni

Jamie B. Draper '84, Ruthann Kluth O'Connell '84, RaeAnn Butler ’89, and Stacey Collins ’89 challenge at least 30 alumni to participate from the 1980s.

FINAL COUNT: 24 alumni
Carol Deck Montoya ’94, P’26Marivic E. Sison '94, M.A.'00, Rachel Bagni Beyer ’99 and Stacey Zeno ’99, MBA ’18 challenge at least 20 alumni to participate from the 1990s.

FINAL COUNT: 25 alumni

Jaime Cacciola ’04, Tatiana Santos ’04 and Lisa Wells ’09 challenge at least 20 alumni to participate from the 2000s.
FINAL COUNT: 22 alumni

Ashley Rose Bennett ’14 and Daniel Forgash ’19 challenge at least 25 alumni to participate from the 2010s.

FINAL COUNT: 38 alumni, parents, and friends

New Trustee, Phil Yerby ’11 challenges individuals from the 2020s and beyond (alumni, current students, friends, and parents!) to get us to 200 total donors for Scholarship Day.
FINAL COUNT: 58 employees 

Eric Annis, Melanie Eyler, Sue Kolb, and Craig Laufer challenge 30 Hood faculty and staff to give for the first time this fiscal year! All who participate will be invited to celebrate in Coblentz on Thursday, April 25.