Why Invest in Hood

We know the world is changing at an ever-accelerating pace. Our task is to anticipate those changes and to prepare our graduates to succeed.

To meet this task, our core curriculum in the liberal arts, along with majors that meet current workforce needs, is our greatest asset. The value of a liberal arts education is immeasurable. The ability to think critically and creatively. To synthesize and analyze information. To make well-reasoned decisions for global citizenship.

Such a high-touch and demanding education—which Hood College excels in delivering—is resource intensive. Given the rapidly changing world into which our students graduate, providing this education grows both in complexity and cost.

Forging the Future: The Campaign for Hood College answers this challenge. With the support of alumni and friends, we will:

  • Expand scholarships to attract exceptional young people of promise and reduce student debt
  • Increase retention and graduation rates
  • Innovate our curriculum across several areas, including business, cybersecurity, nutrition and health sciences
  • Create facilities that support cutting-edge programs and ways of learning
  • Deepen engagement in our entrepreneurial community of Frederick, Maryland

Join Us

During Forging the Future: The Campaign for Hood College, we seek $65 million in philanthropic support to reach our goal.

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