Squirrel on bench

Name a Squirrel

Give a Gift. Name a Squirrel! 

Make a donation to the Hood Fund in the most adorable way possibleby naming one of our beloved campus squirrels!

For just $20.24, you can support our students with unrestricted scholarships, access to the latest technology, Hood athletics and so much more.

With your contribution, our beloved campus squirrels will no longer wander nameless through the Quad. Your chosen name will embolden them to climb the poles of the Pergola, face down neighborhood dogs and enjoy the sunshine from the Brodbeck porch.

Not only will you save our squirrels from the plight of namelessness, but your gift will play an important role in the Hood Fund, which immediately goes to the area of greatest need.

With your gift (using the link below), you will receive:

  • An official Squirrel “name certificate,” suitable for framing.
  • A vinyl “Hood squirrel” sticker.
  • A chance to win a plushie squirrel wearing a blue dink.

Your squirrel’s name can be formal or silly. It can honor a favorite professor, friend or family member. Squirrelbert? Squirrelissa? Nut-megan? 

Let your creativity soar as you name your very own squirrel. 

Give a gift. Name a squirrel. 

*The official fine print: The possibilities for naming your squirrel are endless. Almost. Out of our deep respect for the dignity of our campus companions, each squirrel name will undergo careful scrutiny. We hold the right to decline any name that doesn’t align with the honor we hold for our cherished acorn aficionados. In the event of a name rejection, your contribution will not be reimbursed. Thus, dear squirrel squad, exercise discernment in your selections.