Alma Mater

Alma Mater
High tower above us, thy columns so fair,
Gleaming white in their calm majesty;
Thus long have they battled the wild storms of time
And will stand in the years yet to be.
Though we wander afar from thy sheltering walls,
Borne along on life’s rough surging sea;
Yet our hearts, Alma Mater, unchanging and true
Will be loyal and faithful to thee.

Hood College, above thy dear, green ivied walls,
How fond memories cluster and twine.
There are friendships so golden that bind us to thee,
Preparation for life, too, was thine.
May we never forget thy lessons so true
But honor and praise thy dear name.
In our joy and our tears, in our triumphs and fears,
May our lives e’er be worthy of thee.

Gertrude B. Hoy, Class of 1912

Hoy was born in Tokyo, Japan and lived there until moving to Lancaster, PA when she was 12. After graduating from Hood College in 1912, she embarked on a mission to China as a missionary teacher. Upon her arrival, she assumed the position of principal at a girls' school in Yue Yang. However, with the onset of World War I and pressure from communist China, she was forced to resign from her position and leave the country.